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Arranging a private jet charter can be overwhelming for a beginner or for a person who has usually dealt with an air charter broker. A private jet air charter, also called a jet air taxi, offers many benefits. Compared to flying with commercial airlines, private jet charter allows you to save money and time. You do not need to wait for certain departure times nor do you have to drive to possibly far and usually congested commercial airports. When it comes to private jet charter, you can fly anytime into a general aviation airport that accepts private air charter flights. Yes, private jet charter goes by your schedule--as long as you give a few hours' notice. If you need to make multiple stops on your trip from city to city, that's fine with private jet charter—your itinerary would be planned accordingly to include a host of private airports. Because of this flexibility, many people choose jet charter for their travel purposes. Private air charter is also the way to go in the case of medical emergencies that need immediate attention. Whether for emergency situations, business, or pleasure, private jet charter is a convenient way to fly. Be sure to select the right private air charter arrangement for you.

The Right Private Jet Charter Operator

Selecting a reputable and safe private air charter operator is very important. The air charter operator is responsible for flight operations, maintenance, crew training and more. Make sure that the private jet charter operator is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Certification means that the jet charter operator meets maintenance, safety, control, and operational standards. Before making any sort of commitment, speak in-depth to the air charter operator. Ask questions to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable and authorized private air charter operator. Ask about their FAA Air Carrier Operating Certificate status, the official name of the company as on the FAA certificate, and their certificate number. Also find out the contact information of the FAA district office from the private jet charter operator. If the operator does not want to share this information, it might signal a questionable reputation. Once you have the information about the certification status of the private air charter operator, contact the FAA and ask if any violations or other questionable instances exist in the private air charter operator's record. Do not hesitate to take the necessary steps to prevent complications. Do your research before you commit to a private jet charter agreement. You wouldn't want to get into a jet charter problem that could have been avoided.

The Right Private Jet

When it comes to jet charter, you have some choices to make. You need to select the air charter jet that fits your wants and needs, according to the number of passengers, the itinerary, the number of baggage, time issues, amenities like catering, and other factors. If you prefer a luxury private jet charter or a business jet charter, you have many choices to make, as well. If you already know a thing or two about private jet charter, let the air charter operator know about your preferences; however, be open to advice. The air charter operator will let you know which jet is the one that best fits you and your needs. There are various factors to be taken into account—like weather and children. That is why you have to expect the utmost in service from an air charter professional. A jet charter operator would know which jet and pilot could best handle weather conditions—rain, shine, or ice. Not all private air charter pilots are authorized to fly in harsh weather conditions. Further, there are safety regulations concerning children on aircraft that jet charter operators must follow. Provide the charter company with as much information as you can to ensure that your jet charter experience is a smooth one. If an air charter broker will be representing you, expect to be asked about all these variables. If you feel that you have not been asked these questions regarding the private jet charter, then you better go along with another air charter broker.

The Right Aircraft

If you're not sure that private jet charter is what you need, then you better acquaint yourself with other types of aircrafts. Compared to single and multi-engine helicopters, as well as to single, multi-engine and turbo prop airplanes, multi-engine jets come on top when it comes to speed. Traveling from 350 to 580 miles per hour depending on the model, air charter jets are all pressurized (which means that they can fly high during a jet charter flight). Air charter jets, which are manned by two pilots, can accommodate one to thirty passengers. This is welcome news for busy executives who use private air charter for business. When it comes to comfort features, jet charter comes on top again—especially when luxury jet charter is used. Further, among the various forms of aircrafts used for air charter, private jets are the ones that usually provide lavatories. Along with multi-engine turbo prop planes, jets that are used in private air charter may accommodate one to thirty passengers. Unlike other types of aircrafts, many private jets have ovens; therefore, catering can be taken to a higher level when it comes to jet charter.

If you need more information about private jet charter operators or about anything related to air charter, contact the Federal Aviation Administration through their website at or call 866-TELL-FAA.

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