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Compared to commercial flight rates and to air charter rates of other types of private aircraft, jet charter rates may seem high at first; however, considering all the benefits, private jets are the way to fly. Chartering private jets could be cost-effective. In the time it takes for individuals to drive to crowded commercial airports and wait for their flights, private jets would have already taken them to their destinations. Therefore, factor in the element of time as you consider jet charter rates. You just might find out that chartering private jets might be a wise choice and that the air charter rates of jets are actually competitive. When it comes to private aircraft used for air charter, private jets are the fastest. Therefore, they are commonly used for business jet charter. Many private jets are equipped for business purposes. You don't have this perk with other types of private aircraft, like a private plane. In addition, most private jets offer lavatories to passengers--the amenity is not as commonly found in private planes. However, like some private plane models, some private jets can accommodate up to thirty passengers. This is attractive to companies interested in flying large groups via private aircraft. Considering that you can save time by conducting meetings and sending faxes mid-flight in private jets, jet charter rates actually seem reasonable. Further, luxury private jets are available for romantic getaways, important business meetings, and for first-rate travel. Air charter rates for luxury jets are pretty high compared to those of other private aircraft. However, with all the upscale features and amenities included in these luxury private jets, it's well worth the price. The bottom line is that you shouldn't let jet charter rates discourage you from experiencing an enjoyable type of private aircraft.

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