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As a company grows, management’s way of thinking must transition into "un-chartered territories" never before thought of. As the number of transactions multiplies, and as the successful completion of a deal depends significantly on timely execution of strategies and mechanisms, then it's about time to throw in the towel with commercial flights. The idea of chartering a jet not only becomes feasible, but also imperative – not to mention inevitable.

There are some guidelines one can consider in deciding whether or not a corporate or business jet charter makes more economic sense. These guidelines consist of the tangibles (cost analysis, return on investment, choice of destinations) and the intangibles (productivity, corporate prestige, sense of security, comfort and convenience).

Flying time vis-a-vis productivity -- if a company flies its executives for 25 hours or more annually, chartering a jet might be the way to go. The cost of business class tickets, hotel accommodation, meals and airport fees and taxes for a group of six to eight managers needed on a job site for example, may be offset with a jet charter. We’re referring to offset business that can be gained from time saved. If this same group with a specific skills set is needed on another job site at the opposite side of the continent, they solve two problems instead of just one within a given business day. And if they can be flown back to headquarters by the evening, each manager gets to save at least eight hours more rather than if he were to wait next day for a connecting flight home. Eight hours are precious man hours for a company that has en elite group of technical staff that cannot be wasted in waiting lines at crowded airports.

Service and emergency requirements – if your company is a service-oriented company and the services you provide are time-sensitive with emergency support that is required 24/7, a private and business jet charter will guarantee that those services are delivered when and where the client demands it. You do not have these guarantees with commercial travel. When there are delays, you fall into the cockpit trap that could take half a day to a full day to fix. A jet charter will be made available to you, usually within hours of your reservation request. And the jet flies you direct to whatever destination you choose – remote or city.

One-stop shop for auxiliary services – flying entails a gamut of requirements. Not only is an aircraft needed to fly to a particular destination, but communications systems critical to negotiations can be requested with a jet charter. Teleconferencing and telephone and email connections are essential ingredients for effective management execution of strategies. You’d be dreaming in technicolor if you think you can have this “dashboard panel” on your commercial flight. Apart from communications systems, executives on the go also need to be whisked as quickly as possible to their final destination once they land on the ground. Some jet charter companies will provide ground transportation and accommodation at minimal cost if requested, or else apply your flying credits to the cost. Doing business with a jet charter company is like a one-stop shop for add-on services. It’s a carrier, car-rental agency and hotel concierge all in one. Try getting the same package from a commercial airline.

Rested bodies, sound minds – this may be difficult to quantify but if you want your executives to be psychologically and physically prepared to tackle a sensitive business deal, a jet charter makes sense. These are the refinements that accompany jet chartering, and an executive who feels fresh and free from harassment at airports is the only one who can tell you what a world of difference chartering a jet is. Especially when he’s got that contract signed in his brief case, because well - the competition - got delayed in Dallas…

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