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Chartering a jet is a popular business activity, so popular, in fact, that corporate entities no longer attach a luxury price tag to it. Itís all about keen and ferocious competition, and a private jet simply serves as a vector of that competition.

It's also about time and the efficient allocation of resources. Simply put, it means spending more money to gain more time. It's a minimalist equation, no doubt, but one thatís packed with a lot of good business sense.

As companies become more sophisticated in their endeavors, their requirements evolve, and having the tools to adapt to these ever changing requirements is a key to staying afloat in the wheeling and dealing arena of trade and commerce. One such tool is the private jet, and it does not matter whether companies charter it or own it outright. With a jet, companies don't think of surviving, they're thinking of -- as aptly as the term "jet" connotes -- staying afloat.

Chartering a private jet is equivalent to having the upper hand, gaining that subtle edge over competitors who penny-pinch their way into finalizing contracts and closing deals. In other words, what matters to the bottom line is what happens at the top -- amidst the unobstructed skies where negotiations can be contested and disputed, and then agreed to upon landing.

If individuals really need to be convinced of the benefits of a private jet charter, they just need to think of the most precious commodity of all: time.

A jet on time is wisdom by the pound - while you can put a price tag of $20 million to a private jet, you can't fix a price for time. Some corporations truly understand time management so that making provisions for jet charter costs is as natural as computing assets and liabilities. Other companies, on the other hand, have not really bothered to look deeper into logistics about how a private jet charter can translate into more dollars for the company. It's a kind of cost accounting analysis that is, at best, rudimentary and if you will, near-sighted.

Security, in and out of the cabin - one other evident benefit is security. The events of 911 have no doubt stung the psyche of executives who travel most days of the week, so security concerns are uppermost in their minds. No other mode of flying offers a more efficient degree of security than a chartered private jet. Today's family of executive jets is built to rigorous aviation standards, with advanced technologies and superb engineering. One proof is that heads of state bet their lives on it, so why can't corporate and government executives think the same way?

The concept of security not only means safe flying with a seasoned pilot and crew, but it also extends to the confidentiality issue that some companies are such sticklers for. Sensitive transactions like impending IPOs need not jeopardize the company's stability because the whole world knows who took a particular flight. When a jet is chartered by a company, no one needs to know about it.

Choice of destination -- business travelers who hop into commercial flights may not know it yet, but when they charter a jet, they have over 5,000 airport locations to choose from. Commercial flights do not have that luxury of choice. You can also have multiple destinations in one day by opting for smaller hangars that do not have volume traffic, quite unlike commercial flights that need to land on officially-approved major runways. With a private jet, you tell the pilot where you want to go, and believe it or not...

...he'll take you there with no questions asked...

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