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Aerostar Aircraft Corporation

10555 Airport Drive
Hayden Lake, Idaho
tel: 800-442-4242
fax: 208-762-8349

About Aerostar Aircraft Corporation

If you have ever looked around for air charter, you might have come across the American Aerostar models. Aerostar Aircraft Corporation was formed in 1991 by Steve Speer and Jim Christy; Aerostar aircrafts were originally masterminded by renowned aircraft designer Ted Smith in the 1960’s. After a few company changes through which Aerostar planes and jets were built under various companies including the Ted Smith Aerostar Corporation and the Piper Aircraft Corporation (which built its last Aerostar in 1984), the Aerostar Aircraft Corporation was established by two former employees of Ted Smith. Known for their light twin jets with thin bodies, Aerostar crafts have been around for decades. Because of periods of ceased production, however, Aerostar does not have a large fleet offering when it comes to private jet charter. However Aerostar jets are still used for executive air charter services, as well as emergency air charter services (also known as ambulance air charter services). With thin and strong bodies, great performance, and reasonable prices, Aerostar jet models include the Aerostar FJ-100 Fanjet. Through the years, Aerostar crafts have become the pride of their owners—the Aerostar Owners Association is proof. This being said, because the light Aerostar crafts can very fly high altitudes at great speeds, you can bet that Aerostar pilots are very experienced.

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