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Eclipse Aviation

2503 Clark Carr Loop SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
tel: 505-245-7555
fax: 505-245-8800

About Eclipse Aviation

Eclipse Aviation was formed in 1998 by former Microsoft executive Vern Raburn. This American jet manufacturer made the first Very Light Jet (VLJ) in the world, the Eclipse 500. The aim of Eclipse is to make jet use more common for people traveling from one city to another. They are designed for this high-travel capacity that can make them ideal for air charter services. Known to be quiet and modern, Eclipse jets stir the curiosity of passengers and is appealing for private jet charter. Eclipse jets are affordable; they are actually the most affordable twin turbo-fan business jet. In 2002, Eclipse introduced the Friction Stir Welding process which reduces assembly time and cost. That same year marks the sale of the first Eclipse 500 to a client. That was just a start of a VLJ craze. There is a waiting list for Eclipse 500 jet ownership. Eclipse is doing quite well in air charter, too. India’s largest air charter company, Club One Air, chose the Eclipse 500 as part of an affordable and quick private jet charter plan. With its low operating costs, among other attractive qualities, Eclipse jets will surely be successful in air charter.

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