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You're a busy executive with a hectic schedule that almost compares to that of the U.S. President. Flying from the east to the west coast and then back again takes a good eight to twelve hours. Even on first class, the trip seems like an Atlantic crossing, only because you can't get any work done while on board the aircraft. You can't afford to let the person seated beside you “accidentally” glance on those excel spreadsheets that hold the key to the next round of successful contract negotiations. What if he's from the competition?

The interminable delays at stopovers and the problems from the air traffic control tower are eating away at your valuable time as you glance nervously at your watch. Your nerves are frayed. Your temper is short, and your deal is on the brink of expiring.

Wouldn't you agree you're ready for executive jet charter treatment? Perhaps the time is ripe to say farewell and good riddance to hassles and costly delays. It's vital that you make the transition now before the competition nails you.

You're an executive traveler – the kind of person who suffers the highest number of inconveniences in air travel. Here's the good news: you don't have to be a perpetual member of that group. For a few thousand more, you can join the elite class of executive “jetsetters.” Be the jetsetter with a purpose. And a mission.

The talk around town is that executive private jet charters are an indispensable business tool. This statement is justified – the handwriting’s on the wall as they say.

Consider these facts:

- In 1991, 6,584 US based companies owned 9,504 executive jets. In 2004, that number climbed to 10,660.

- One major aircraft manufacturer of executive jets reports that it has 1,700 of its aircraft flying in more than 70 countries. This number represents the ensemble of its various models that cruise the skies. It’s the proof in the pudding. More and more companies in the Forbes and Fortune lists of “who’s who” are purchasing one, or two and three executive jets.

- One manufacturer reports that even if its aircraft has not yet undergone certification by the FAA, they have booked over $3 billion worth of orders running until 2008.

- The tax advantages are apparent. For as long as the aircraft is used for business, it qualifies as a tax write-off. This is why it is important to engage the services of an aviation consultant who can walk you through the subtleties of a purchase contract.

- Speed is a component you can't quantify in dollars, but it does impact a company's P&L. Remote locations are served by executive jet charters; in fact this is the niche that explains their success.

Drawbacks? If there were genuine drawbacks, why would manufacturers continue building them? The only drawback we can think of is getting tied to an executive jet charter contract that does not offer the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading the aircraft – what one company calls right-sizing a plane so that it is tailored to the company’s requirements.

Another drawback would be the possibility of not getting the plane you specifically requested. This is, however, a negligible one, considering that companies know what the market segments look like. They know which models are the most popular, and which routes are the most frequently used. They use this information to build up on their fleet.

There's also the possibility of paying fees for empty return flights – empty legs. If a company is not careful about signing on the dotted line, this could be an issue. Nowadays, however, companies are more sophisticated in the executive chartering business. They ensure that all empty legs are logistically planned and capitalized on as much as possible, thereby not passing on the costs to their most valued customers.

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